Slide Smart Store for SAP ECC and S/4 HANA
Expense Management

Expense Management Software tool brings all your business expenses on one platform. Automatic system that Track and Manage the business related transactions done from any mobile or desktop devices.

Why Smart Receipt

Smart Receipt Software is to digitize paper and to ensure audit compliances . Manual or physical storage of receipt always pose complications with respect to Expense Management. With a Smart Receipt Management Software.

Benefits of Smart Receipt [Expense Management]

Expense Tracking

Easily to track your expenses and reimbursement information at one glance.

SAP Integration

Seamless integration with SAP - Success factors integration

Maintain Request Form

We support customized customer specific expense request forms.

Chat Bot

Users get instant responses by using chat bots and find expense status.


Easy workflow integration in no time and no coding knowledge, simplify your expense paper receipts process into a smart workflow for quick expense reimbursement.

Expense Based Analytics

Use the power of Instant Notifications and Analytics Dashboard to make<br /> accurate data-driven decisions.

Web & Mobile Access

Managers can review and approve expense claims faster – Anywhere, Anytime improve their processes, Minimizing delays with reimbursement approval tasks.

Powerful Search

Finding the right document in no time with possible metadata information Name, Spend Date, Expense Name, Expense Type

1. What benefits do we have with SmartDocs Expense Management?

  • Corporate credit card monitoring and analysis
  • Greater Productivity
  • Decreases the time it takes to process
  • Reduce Paper
  • Lessen Processing Costs with Automated Workflows
  • Reimburse Employees Faster

2. What are the advantages of bots or AI?

AI based chatbots for status querying from skype or facebook.

3. Where do documents get stored?

They get stored securely on SmartStore which is an archive link compliant repository running in the cloud.

4. Do we need to install any server or software?

No servers are needed. The core application is an ABAP add-on that runs on your SAP ECC system.