Pre-build integration with SAP
End to End process Optimization
No modification to SAP required
AI-Power smart P2P platform Get in Touch
Accounts Payable on Auto Pilot AI -powered Accounts Payables platform that transform your AP team into an efficient profit center Get in Touch
AI - Powered corporate buying platfrom Give a simple modern system to your employees to purchase goods and services without the clutter of complex procurement screens. Get in Touch
AI-powered P2P Platform
SmartDocs is an intelligent Procurement Platform that helps organizations transform into an efficient teams

SmartDocs platform includes all the pieces of the puzzle to help any organization rapidly transform from complex, manual process to an intelligent streamlined processes. Our solutions integrate all key ERP systems.

Transforming P2P processes with the power of AI
We help organizations of all sizes transform their Procurement to Pay processe with our technology

Our Payables platform transforms AP teams from manual disconnected process to digital streamlined process flows

Supplier Portal provides a comprehensive platform to engage your Suppliers in an efficient and effective manner

SmartBuy provides a modern, intiuitive platform for employees to buy things and get them delivered

Achieve Productivity improvements in all P2P processes
Process exceptions
Eliminate process exceptions all key P2P processes
Cycle times
Reduce cycle times in all key P2P processes
What We Offer for You
Our Global Services team along with our Partners help you through your P2P transformation initiatives with best practice flows and process insights
P2P Best Practices
Our P2P experts help you transformation your P2P process with Best practices and Industry insights
Awesome User Experiences
Key to digital transofrtmation is user acceptance and User experience management
P2P Advisory Services
Our Procurement expert help you plan you transofrmation irrespective of what platform you choose to implement
Managed Hosting Services
Our DevOps team can help manage your SmartDocs P2P infrastructure
Backend ERP integration Services
We can help your team integrate with your backend systems
Application Support Services
Our team of experts can be your first line of help for both internal and external stakeholders
Please reach out to us
Whether you are exploring P2P transformation initiatives or actively looking for a AP automation solution, please reach out to us so that our experts can guide you through the process