Slide Access your contracts from Anywhere! Business users can access contracts from their system of record including SAP ERP Slide Managing your contracts Made easy! Organize and control the all aspects of Contract life cycle Slide Your Contracts Approvals STREAMLINED! Define and configure the approval process flows quickly

Awesome Search

Google scale and Google powered

Organize your contracts

Contract types and classification types

ERP Integration

Connects to your ERP systems including SAP

Approval Workflows

Allows configuration of workflows for various Approval Matrices
Product Features

Track Spend and Revenue

with iContracts, Enterprises can easily Track spend and revenue information of contracts at a glance.

Email Notifications

iContracts provides email notification facility that can be used for Contracts approvals, renewals etc.,

Working with Document

iContracts comes with best in class Audit trial and version management options.

Reporting and Analysis

Contracts comes with bunch of powerful reports helping enterprises to take better decisions faster.

Powerful Search

iContracts comes with a powerful search engine helping users search contracts at a faster pace with the defined meta data.


iContracts comes with an effective and efficient in built workflow tool, that enables users to define workflows for approvals in a quicker time.


iContracts provides user level permissions both at file and folder levels.

Maintain Contract Templates

iContracts provides templates for storing contracts of various types.

Unlimited Contracts

iContracts supports unlimited storage of Contracts.

Web based and Mobile access

iContracts provides both browser based as well as mobile based access.

Support custom report to track easy

iContracts offers customized report capabilities.

Working with Document

iContracts comes with best in class Audit trial and version management options.

Contract Monitoring

Minimizing risks and involves in tracking, Monitoring Contract records and files and helps in reducing tracking expenses.

Risk Reduction

Limiting access to the appropriate parties. Setting up notification alerts for expiration or renewals, retrieve and share of contracts.


iContracts comes with a powerful analytics tool providing better visibility across the system.

Increased Productivity with Contract Software

With automatic mechanisms like alerts, notifications and activities for better performance.

Web based and Mobile Access

iContracts solution can be accessed from any browser/mobile device.

Content Collaboration

With its content collaboration options, iContracts provides a smooth and transparent way of dealing with contracts across the teams.
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