Slide AI-Powered Document Management and BPM Manage all your Enterprise Digital artifacts and business processes in one Cloud platform. SmartDocs R5 is natively connected to core backend systems like SAP ERP Slide Streamline all your Business Processes Take control of your business process by deploying Process workflows eliminating email based and paper based process. Gain unprecendented visibility into process flows. Slide Connect to your SAP Systems Use an ArchiveLink compliant repository to store documents instead of storing into your SAP Database.

Efficient Process Flows

Simple and effective process workflows will eliminate manual and paper based processes.

Reduce Document Chaos

Having a simple easy to use Document Management system helps reduce silos of file shares and other non-compliant repositories.

Enterprise Controls

Take controls of your documents and process to reduce business risks and increase employee productivity.
Easy Approvals
Initiate Requests
Simple Approvals
Monitoring and controls
Back-end Integration

Mobile Approvals

Approve Documents and workflow from anywhere using any device.

Actionable Reports

R5 includes actionable reports that allow process owners to quickly identify bottlenecks and act on them.

Enterprise Search

Search documents and workspaces in a very easy to use User interface. Share documents to others in a controlled manner.

Process Modeler

Design process flows does not have to be the realm of experienced process consultants, our Process modeler will guide business users to quickly create process flows and test them out without any programming expertise.

Enterprise-Grade Scan

Scan and digitize all your paper documents so that they are easily searchable and accessible. The Enterprise-grade scanning app will allow you to quickly scan, sort and store paper as well as move files from File Shares and other silos.

Office 365 Integration

Capitalize on your investments into Office 365 by using keep productivity features like approving directly from Microsoft Outlook. There is a small configuration setting that your Office 365 administrator need to do – the rest is taken care of by R5 platform.

Cloud based SaaS

SmartDocs R5 offering is a fully cloud-based platform offered as SaaS (Software as a Service). No servers or hardware needed. No changes to your firewall needed. But in you did not really jump onto the cloud bandwagon.

SAP Integration

With out-of-the-box integration with SAP, it super simple to add a document repository to your SAP system. You don’t need to store documents and other large artifacts in your database.

Realize New Processes

Setup request forms and workflows to rapidly turn ad hoc and routine tasks into efficient process workflows

Digital Transformation

Eliminate paper and streamline process flows to achieve Digital Transformation

Awesome Support

Our Support Team will walk you through as aspects of configuring the system and will even handhold you for your internal rollouts

Initiate Requests

Simple forms allow your users to start workflows instead of sending emails. This allows you to standardize your business process as well as control the flows.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with all your backend systems including SAP. Out of box connectors as well our REST APIs allow for quick integration with you existing software.



Office 365





Content Repository

Cloud document repository
Store & Retrieve


Optimal OCR
Full text searchable


Google Powered Search
Full document text search

Document Buffer

Flexible foldering
Version management and security

Records Manager

Manage records

Link Documents

Automatic linking to business objects
Archive link based

Enterprise-Grade Scan

File System

Document Management

Version management
Check-in / Check-out

Records Management

“Smart” record management

1. Where are my Documents and Data Stored?

SmartDocs platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

2. Do we need to install any server or software?

No servers are needed. There is a small ABAP Add-on that need to be installed and configured on the SAP ERP system.

3. Do we need any special software to view documents?

No, SmartDocs platform uses the native application linked to the appropriate file types to allow users to view and edit.

4. Do we need to open any firewall ports?

No, there is a small ABAP agent that runs on the SAP side to sync data with  SmartDocs R5. No firewall port openings are needed. IP whitelisting can control the access to work from within your corporate intranet.

5. How does it work with Microsoft Office 365?

SmartDocs R5 BPM has special functionality for Office 365 customers to allow workflow user to approve workflow right without Outlook with opening a new browser.