Purpose built Procure To Pay Platform with all bells and whistles to optimize the entire business process

General purpose automation tools to help automate individual steps by users

Complete infrastructure to receive, read, process and post Vendor Invoices. Helps not just automate but Optimize the end to end process

Nothing specific to Invoices. It is possible to automate some individual parts of P2P – essentially to automate certain steps of the as-is Processes.

Workflow processes to handle all subprocesses including invoice approvals, price and quantity variance and compliance related activities

Very rudimentary support for process flows and workflows.

Over 40+ out-of-the-box business rules to handle invoice exceptions

No out-of-the-box rules. Everything need to be built during the project

Content repository connected to SAP that is certified by SAP

No content repository. Everything need to be built during the project

Chatbots for Internal users and Vendors. WhatsApp bot for Vendors and Microsoft teams bot for internal users

No chatbots

Out-of-the-box and customizable Analytics and Reports that are P2P specific

General analytics about RPA tasks – but nothing specific to P2P or Accounts Payable

Customizable External Facing Vendor Portal to optimal collaboration with Vendors

No Vendor Portal

Deep integration with SAP. SAP-certified add-on which does deep checks and integration

Superficial integration with UI based integration only.

Invoice approvers can approve invoices from any mobile device

No mobile approvals or even Approval flows

Full support of the entire platform including the integration with SAP and the end-to-end processes

Only the bare bone RPA tooling software is supported