AI Powered Accounts Payable Soultion

AI-Powered Accounts Payable Platform that Transforms your AP Team into an Efficient Profit Center. Sourcing, Capturing or Invoice reconciliation processes made effortless with robust AP software

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Efficient Process Flows

Simple and effective process workflows will eliminate manual and paper based processes

Digital Transformation

Transform your Account Payable teams to get rid of paper and manual processes

Increase Productivity

Enable workflow processes and reduce manual coordination by AP teams.

What we offer for you?

SAP Integration

Out of box integration with SAP via ArchiveLink and more.

OCR Verification

Convert images in to searchable document


Cloud based centralized repository

Office 365 Integration

Capitalize on your investments in to Office 365 by using keep productivity features

Cloud based SaaS

SmartDocs R5 offering is a fully cloud based platform offered as SaaS
Accounts Payables Process Accross
Approve Invoices

Simple forms allow your users to start workflows instead of sending emails. This allows you to standardize your business process as well as control the flows


Digital dashboards may be laid out to track the flows inherent in the business processes that they monitor. users may see the high-level processes

Management Dashboard
Logistics Dashboard
Procurement Dashboard
AP Team Dashboard
Treasury Dashboard
Auditor Dashboard
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