1. How does SAP user authorizations get effected by SmartDocs?

SmartDocs add-on brings in additional transactions and other objects into your system. But the standard SAP authorization based controls are still honored.

2. What controls are there to enforce access controls to users for the documents?

SmartDocs provides user management module for Search on SmartDocs platform. User access can be based on their Google IDs or SmartDocs specific user IDs. Access can be controlled at Business Object level. If you have specific requirements about more granular authorizations, our Support team can help you customized for your requirements.

3. Can we enforce additional Security for Search Access?

Yes support configuring IP ranges for white list and additional 2-factor authentication at an additional cost.

4. Are our documents secure?

Absolutely!. SmartDocs uses Google Drive for storage. So full control of Google Drive security features and data integrity features are available for all your data.