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Real-Time Analytics

With our dashboard, get a 360-degree view of your payables in real-time. Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute financial insights.

Strategic Financial Management

With the detailed reports on your company's spending, helping you identify cost-saving opportunities and make strategic decisions about future

Sustainable Financial Practices

By optimizing your payables process, you're not just saving time and money—you're contributing to a more sustainable business model.

Core Differences

We break down barriers so teams can focus on what matters – working together to create products their customers love.
  • GSTIN Checks

    Our app uniquely validates GSTIN to ensure that all transactions comply with tax regulations, providing an additional layer of financial due diligence.

  • W9 Expiration Checks

    With proactive W9 expiration monitoring, our app helps maintain continuous compliance with IRS requirements, a feature that sets us apart in managing U.S. tax information.

  • Intelligent ML-driven OCR

    Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is not just any OCR; it's powered by machine learning, constantly evolving for better accuracy, and reducing manual data entry more effectively than standard OCR solutions.

  • Bot Assistance for Utility Invoices

    Our app includes a specialized bot designed to handle utility invoices, automating what is often a tedious and error-prone part of payable processes.

  • Integrated Chatbots

    Our Smart Payables platform is enhanced with chatbots that provide real-time assistance, streamlining communication and support for an unmatched user experience.


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