Utility Invoice Management

Utility Invoice Management

Automate Manual Tasks Avoid Business Disruptions Reports and Analytics Native Intergration with SAP & More..

Power Up Your Utility Bills Process!

Automatic Invoice Retrieval

No missed invoices. Our AutoPilot Bots seamlessly download them for Accounts Payable.

Automatic Account Allocation

Say goodbye to manual invoice posting and let our smart AI auto allocate accounts details like GL's Cost Centers ect..

Automatic Invoice Posting

Our system seamlessly integrates with SAP ERP integration. Park invoices for review, or post automatically.

Key Features


Smart Store

Smart Store - Cloud-based central data repository.


Cloud based SaaS

SaaS platform, Cloud-based, optional on-prem.


Office 365 Integration

Office 365 features like Outlook/teams based approvals.


OCR Verification

OCR Verification - Convert images to searchable docs via OCR.


SAP Integration

Out of box integration with SAP via ArchiveLink and more.

Detect and alert unusual utility usage to prevent waste and save costs.
Ensures all invoices are recorded, aiding financial management.
Smartly analyzes invoices, auto assigning key information like vendors, cost centers etc.

Automate Utility invoice processing

Our bots streamline the accounts payable process by auto-fetching and allocating utility invoices, freeing up the AP team for tasks like trend analysis and anomaly resolution.

Dashboards and Reports

Navigate your financial landscape with precision using our dynamic dashboards, designed to give you a comprehensive view of all your utility management activities.
Take the advantage of

Business Rules

An Invoice exception occurs when the information on an invoice does not match the information on a purchase order. This could be something as small as a wrong zip code or as large as incorrect pricing.

  • Missing Mandatory
  • Vendor Blocked
  • Duplicate Check
  • GST No Match
  • Invoice too Old
  • Hard copy Check
  • Invoice with Freight
  • Tax Code match
  • Price Variance
  • Tax Amount Check
  • Quantity Variance
  • JS Based Business Rules
  • Vendor not present

Key Features


Reduce Approval Cycle

No more waiting for your bosses to get back to the office.

Use Idle Time

Allow requests, Invoices, Approvals and Expense filing on the move

Minimize Interruptions

Users can complete tasks from wherever they are, meaning no need to sitch devices.

Informed Decision Making

Approvers get the information they need to make informed decisions on the go.

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