Smart Sourcing

Enhance Business Efficiency with Vendor Management and RFQ Streamlining

Our comprehensive vendor management platform offers a strategic approach to vendor relationships, ensuring your business maintains a competitive edge. The platform streamlines RFQs for better bids and awards, and simplifies contract management with a Contract Workspace that empowers efficient collaboration, document versioning, and e-signature solutions.

Smart Sourcing Functions


Vendor Management

Unlock collaboration, optimize sourcing, and enhance operational efficiency. Ideal for SAP-based businesses seeking intuitive procurement and expense tracking.

RFQ Processing

Revolutionize procurement with seamless SAP integration, swift implementation, and enhanced quote quality. Conduct reverse auctions for the best deals and elevate procurement efficiency.

Manage Contracts

Revolutionize contract lifecycles with transparency, security, and efficiency. Stay on top with alerts, access control, and never miss deadlines. Precision, control, and ease combined.

Smart Sourcing Roles

Chief Financial Officer
Secure the best deals, manage contracts with transparency, streamline supplier collaboration, and make informed decisions for financial success and cost optimization.
Chief Procurement Officer
Streamline RFQ processes, manage contracts with transparency, and optimize supplier collaboration. Enhance procurement efficiency, reduce costs, and secure the best deals.
Sourcing Manager
Source quality suppliers, never miss deadlines, and optimize sourcing. Enhance collaboration, secure better deals, and streamline supplier management for effective and efficient sourcing.
Contract Manager
Simplify procurement alignment with RFQ management, streamline supplier collaboration for effective contract management.

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