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Save Hundreds of Hours on Manual Verification for Compliance and Business Rules with Smart Payables.
Enhance Efficiency, Ensure Compliance, Reduce Errors, Automate Workflows, and Gain Real-time Insights with our Highly Cost-effective, Scalable and Intuitive Automated Invoice Processing Solution.

Smart Payables
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How our Smart Payables Works for You

Transform your payables with our smart solution. Streamline invoicing, eliminate errors, and enhance efficiency seamlessly. Experience a hassle-free financial workflow tailored to your business needs.

Benefits of
Smart Payables

Smart payables streamline billing processes, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. Automated workflows simplify invoice management, ensuring timely payments. This results in improved vendor relationships, cash flow optimization, and overall cost savings.

OCR-Powered Efficiency

Our OCR technology is the backbone of our solution, ensuring precise data extraction from invoices, even with varying formats.

Rule Checks

Automate business rule validation to eliminate human errors and guarantee adherence to your specific financial protocols.

Multi-Channel Support

Our system is designed to effortlessly receive invoices from multiple sources, creating a centralized hub for all your Accounts Payables needs.

Key Features of
Smart Payables

Revolutionize your invoice processing with Smart Payables. Our cutting-edge solution offers automated data extraction, advanced analytics, and seamless integration. Eliminate errors, reduce processing time, and enhance efficiency. Experience unparalleled accuracy and speed in handling invoices, optimizing your financial workflows effortlessly.

OCR-Powered Efficiency

Experience top-tier accuracy and efficiency with our enterprise-grade scan technology, ensuring flawless document processing for heightened productivity and precision.

Invoice Investigation

Dive deep into invoice details with our investigation feature, ensuring thorough scrutiny for accuracy, compliance, and error-free financial transactions

Chat Bot

Enhance user engagement and support with our chatbot, offering real-time assistance and streamlined communication for efficient query resolution.

PO & Non-PO Processing

Simplify procurement workflows with our PO & Non-PO processing, ensuring seamless order fulfillment, cost tracking, and efficient financial transactions.

Exceptional Handling

Navigate challenges effortlessly with our exceptional handling feature, addressing discrepancies swiftly, promoting accuracy, and ensuring seamless financial transactions.

Enterprise Search

Empower efficient data retrieval and decision-making with our enterprise search, offering comprehensive access to vital information for streamlined processes.

Approval Matrix

Optimize authorization workflows with our approval matrix, ensuring a structured process, transparency, and timely approvals for efficient financial transactions.

Audit Log

Ensure accountability and transparency in financial operations with our audit log, capturing and recording every transaction detail for comprehensive oversight.

Email Notification

Stay informed and in control with our email notification feature, providing timely alerts on invoice status updates and approval requests.

Payment Approvals

Streamline financial decisions with our payment approvals, offering a secure platform for efficient authorization, reducing delays, and ensuring accurate transactions.

User Permission

Customize access and enhance security with our user permission feature, allowing tailored control over functionalities and data for increased accountability.

Team Building

Foster collaboration and efficiency with our team-building feature, promoting seamless communication and shared objectives for successful financial operations.

Take the Advantage of Business Rules​

An Invoice exception occurs when the information on an invoice does not match the information on a purchase order. This could be something as small as a wrong zip code or as large as incorrect pricing.

Guaranteed Invoice Compliance

When it comes to compliance, we’ve got you covered. Our system rigorously checks and validates each invoice, ensuring they meet industry standards and your specific criteria. Avoid costly errors and discrepancies while maintaining your reputation as a reliable and compliant partner.

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