Slide SAP Enterprises AI Powered Supplier Collaboration Platform for Slide AP Automation tools easy integration with any Slide Cloud, On-prem and Hybrid Deploy the platform in any combination of cloud and on-prem

Chain - Insights about Productivity

Procure to pay solution

Everything right from vendor registration to invoicing and payment processing

Chat - Enabled

Your supplier can talk to the system in natural languages.

Seamless Collaboration

Avoid email and other inefficient means of interacting with your business partners.

Supply Chain Platform

Vendor Management
Invoice Processing

AI powered business rules

Configurable run check invoices before they are accepted by the system

Quick and mobile Approvals

Users can approve invoices and documents right from their mobile devices

Pre-built integration with SAP

Native deep integration with SAP ERP/S4

Invoice Processing

Suppliers can submit various types of invoices directly from the portal. And the system will route them to appropriate personnel for review/approval and eventually to AP team – thus eliminating the need for AP to hand-hold the issue resolution.

Invoice Processing

The procurement and AP team give clear analytics of the invoice and vendor management processes.

  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Invoice Dashboard
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Logistics Dashboard

Business Rules

An Invoice exception occurs when the information on an invoice does not match the information on a purchase order. This could be something as small as a wrong zip code or as large as incorrect pricing.

  • Duplicate invoice
  • Invoice too old
  • Price variance
  • Quantity variance


Reduce approval cycles

No more waiting for approvers for a long to be back in the office to approve.

Reporting and visibility

Business users have clear visibility into all reports for efficient operations

Minimize exceptions

By applying business rules up front reduce exceptions down stream

Cleaner Vendor Master Data

Enables you to keep Vendor Master data up to date

1. What benefits do we have with SmartDocs Supplier Portal?

1. Eliminate Paper
2. Reduce invoice discrepancies
3. Streamline Business Process flows
4. Better Spend visibility
5. Automate help desk

2. What are the advantages of bots or AI?

1. Eliminate the need for manual phone calls
2. Automate Invoice status checking
3. Automate other manual activities
4. People can interact in natural language
5. People can interact in multiple channels including Skype, SMS

3. Where do documents get stored?

The documents get stored in SmartStore which is an SAP Archive Link compliant repository. This can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

4. How does it integrate with SAP?

There is an ABAP add-on which can be installed on your SAP system. Supplier Portal communicates with SAP ERP in a synchronous mode.

5. Do we need to open our SAP system to the internet?

Absolutely not. Supplier Portal’s unique architecture allows an asynchronous communication from SAP to Supplier Portal which runs in the DMZ. No need to open any firewall ports for allowing external traffic.

6. How can our suppliers chat with the Supplier Portal Chatbot?

Suppliers can chat using Skype, SMS or Supplier Portal channels. Suppliers can ask in natural language and the bot understand the context and give only the relevant information to the supplier. You as an organization will have full control on what info, action you want to the bot to give to the suppliers.