Life Sciences Industry

Powering Life Sciences Industry with Resilient Supply Chain platform

SmartDocs One platforms help Life Science companies to establish a thriving, reliable and effective Supplier base that can rely on to deliver life science products most efficiently with lowest cost and highest reliability and meet the customers demands. Starting with Vendor registration to onboard new vendors to bidding portal to attract new suppliers, SmartDocs platform helps life sciences companies to streamline their Source to Pay operations while reducing their costs and providing better collaboration with their partners in the industry.

Supercharge your processes

Effective RFQ processing

Life Sciences companies can publish their RFQs and RFIs to attract more bid responses. And then evaluate, shortlist and award contracts to appropriate supplier. All electronic bid submissions and evaluating eliminates bottlenecks and makes it super easy for the Strategic Suppliers to fill the needs of their business stakeholders.

Automated Invoice Processing

Suppliers can view their Purchase Orders and submit invoices without errors and complying with the needs of the Life Sciences companies. This will drastically eliminate the errors/exceptions that Accounts Payables teams need to deal with. This will result in suppliers getting paid on time and improving supplier relations.

Automated Logistics

Receive goods at your factory/warehouse with integrated gate entry process eliminating the delays in GR creation. Quickly do quality checks and receive the goods into your inventory. With accurate invoice processing based on the received goods, you will eliminate exception handling.

Key Pain Points

SmartDocs Solves Life Science Industry's Top Spend Management Pain Points

SmartDocs eliminates Life Science industry's top pain points effortlessly. Transform your operations with our cutting-edge solutions and enhance efficiency today!

  • Manual RFP publishing
  • Paper based GR process
  • Inaccurate Vendor Info
  • Difficult 3 way matching
  • Delayed GR Creations
  • Late & missed payments
  • Paper based processes
  • Lack of Spend Visibility

Build and Sustain a Resilient Supply Chain​

Life Sciences companies need to have a reliable supplier base who can supply required raw materials in time with lowest cost. Building and nurturing a resilient supply chain gives companies strategic advantage to help cope with market changes.

  • Nurture Awesome Supplier Base
  • Streamline GR Into Inventory
  • Negotiate better teams with Supplier
  • Quick and easy returns
  • Pay Supplier on time & get discount
  • Don't leave money on the table
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Control Spend

Unlock the Benefits


Efficient P2P Operations

SmartDocs enables efficient procure-to-pay (P2P) operations, reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors, and speeding up procurement cycles for better financial managements.


Better Strategic Sourcing

SmartDocs enhances strategic sourcing outcomes for life sciences businesses through data-driven insights and automation, resulting in cost savings and improved supplier relationships.


Improved Invoice Accuracy

SmartDocs improves invoice accuracy by automating data entry and validation processes, reducing errors, and ensuring precise financial transactions within the life science industry.


Take Advantage of discounts

By paying invoices within the due date, you can avail of any discounts offered based on your cash/treasury policies. Get better terms with your suppliers to ensure higher Days Payables Outstanding


Better Supplier Collaboration

Give your suppliers visibility into your production plans so that they can support you effectively by shipping goods in time. Ensure your suppliers have all the information about the material specifications and other information needed.


Reduced load on your support teams

With system controls in place and self-service capabilities for all stakeholders including your suppliers, the load on your AP and Procurement support teams will be reduced significantly freeing them to focus on value added services.


Streamline Procure to Pay processes

By streamlining all the sub processes of Procure to Pay right from Purchase order approvals to receiving and approving invoices, you can achieve must shorted cycle times in all the processes. This gives your production planners strategic advantage to optimize production operations.


Smart Payables

The complete solution for your Accounts Payable team to work effortless and with more effectively.

Supplier Portal

Streamline vendor Excellence with Smart Supplier Portal. It is designed for efficient procurement.

Smart Sourcing

Streamline your Sourcing with perfect solution for Sourcing team Smart Sourcing.



 A comprehensive framework for managing efficient Accounts Payables teams.


Ready to Transform your Source-to-pay Operations?

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