SmartDocs Supplier Portal: Transforming P2P Efficiency and Collaboration

Supplier Portals are considered a primary component in a high value procure to pay process. While they have been available for many years, they are often limited to minor process steps. Even if fully configured, many portals do not add value to the holistic end to end business procurement flow.

Common use of a portal is for the Supplier to submit a purchase order or to check at a high-level status of payments. If communication between trading partners is required, it is typically handled with email. Obviously the good and bad of email in a business process can very quickly balance out to the bad side in procurement. Emails get lost or deleted resulting in delayed purchase requisitions / orders, proper staff is not informed of required Supplier changes, and invoice exception processing becomes tedious and time consuming. Advanced collaboration related to QA and ASN has become a problem. Maybe most important…email quickly expose the opportunity to commit fraudulent activities.

Utilizing the SmartDocs portal provides a stable and robust procure to pay tool that adds significant value to your procure to pay process, by increasing efficiency through reducing your corporate human touch points, verifiable audit trails, digitizing Supplier self-registration and validation, submissions for purchase orders, invoices, master data change request, ASNs and QAs, and invoice exception inquires.

In order to build sustainable Supplier relationships, it is critical your Supplier Portal provides your trading partners with a simple to use secure tool where they can self-register and respond to your RFQs effortlessly with their best deals and pricing! 

Procure to pay processing also requires reports, analytics and charts to ensure process users have all the relevant information associated with not just a single purchase but intelligent process knowledge.

If you are a requestor of goods and or services or a member of the procure to pay staff, you are well aware of the volume of documents generated during the process flow. Given that the bulk of documentation is digital, it is essential that your global procure to pay solutions not only tightly integrate with your ERP, it is also critical your process if fully integrated with your document management solution. 

SmartDocs intelligent Supplier Portal includes not just the basics in many portals but also all of the tools you expect in an advanced portal including Supplier registration, Supplier change requests, recording of Supplier updates to documentation, PO delivery, acknowledgements, advanced shipment notification processing, invoice submission, payment notification and reconciliation, reports, analytics, charts and a document store.

If you do not have a Supplier Portal or if you are considering a more advanced replacement for your existing Supplier portal, visit SmartDocs.AI to learn more about the leading edge SmartDocs Supplier Portal.